how to use the people pak

Thanks for purchasing The “People Pak” add-on for The Logo Creator!




I’m building this page up over the next few days. I’ll soon have a video on using this Add on Pak. — for now, play with the software and have fun. It’s easy to use!

(Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything …Soon: A link to the video will also be shown to you when you launch The Logo Creator)

  • Awesome! Thanks … my logo looks more professional. I am using these for ALL of my landing pages. Get this software … Thanks Mark … I’m a FAN!

  • This is exactly what we were looking for to add some pizzazz to our new projects as well as having options for existing domains. Thanks Marc, you ROCK!

  • Love your software. Have been using it for a while. Been waiting on some upgrades. Great job. I am def a fan, and will be back for more.

  • Love this software! So easy to use. Have already created a new header for my website. I’m creating a special graphic now for my soon to be launched opt-in. Will recommend your software to everyone, Marc.

    Appreciate your hard work!


  • Thanks Marc,

    I appreciate the software…makes creating pictures for my blogs so simple and the people pak is super! Look forward to purchasing other paks as well 🙂

    Ann Marie

  • Hey Marc, … Long time no talk to! … How are you?

    I have finally found you again! I’ve been a customer of Marc’s for many many years since he first created this awesome software and started offering it. When I first downloaded it back in the day, it would not work and when I contacted Marc, he was beyond professional and kind in assisting me to get it to work!

    I recently was in the “Sandy” storm in New York and my computers were all destroyed in the storm and it took from then to now for me to find Marc again and reinstall this awesome software! … It’s awesome!, I’ve used it for over 10 years and I would never buy this type of software from anyone but Marc’s company so if this is your first purchase … “You are going to love it!”

    Hope you remember me Marc! … I miss you babe! .. Can’t wait to start designing!

  • Marc,

    All I can say i wow, this software is totally amazing!! I have used your products in the past and have always been greatly satisfied.

    I have been wanting to update my website (lazy), letter heads, business cards, etc. I am so glad to rediscover your amazing software.

    I am in great need for a new logo and I hate leaving it in the hands of a person who doesn’t have my same vision when it comes to making my logo.

    I look forward to purchasing more products from you in the future, so please keep me in the loop.

    Thank you Marc!

    All the best,


    • Hey there Kevin!
      Nice to hear from you. — it’s been awhile.

      Thanks for the kind words my friend.
      I really appreciate you saying that.

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