How to use The Facebook Timeline Pak

Thanks for purchasing The FacebookTimeline Templates edition for The Logo Creator!

I’m building this page up over the next few days. I’ll soon have a video on using this Add on Pak. — for now, play with the software and have fun. It’s easy to use!

(Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything …Soon: A link to the How-To video will also be shown to you when you launch The Logo Creator)

Create your Facebook timeline image with The Logo Creator – Once you’re done with your creation, Export it as a JPG and then upload this in your Facebook account

Grab the Facebook Timeline Set here!

  • Hi Marc,
    I am trying the Facebook Timeline pack and I have a small challenge.
    When I finish my design I save it and them open facebook to upload my design. But everytime I try to do it I get a message from FB asking me to upload a pic of minimum of 399 pix wide. Thinking that the design from The Logo creator was smaller I tryed to open it in Photoshop to change size but then I get another error message informing me that the file is not accepted because is not a jpeg file ???? Any suggestions?….Thanks

    • Hi Asdrubal.
      The Timeline set contains the exact size you’ll need for Facebook.
      Don’t alter the canvas after you load up one of the templates.

      Once you modify the template, hit the “Export” menu and choose Jpeg as the output.
      It should import into Facebook perfectly…


  • Ipurchased the facebook timeline add on pack and have installed it three times now to program files. Still though, when I open the logo creator software it doesn’t have the time line templates or elements. It’s like it’s not registering that I have installed the software. Can you help me?

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