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Nice to see you here. We’ve got lots of places to get your questions answered. 🙂

Latest version number of the Software:

  1. The Creator7 – Latest version: 7.2.9 
    v7.2.9 is fully compatible with all Windows versions from XP up through the latest Windows 10 build. Also fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.11.6 and macOS 10.12 and MacOS 10.13

    (to find out which version you’re running, launch The Creator and pull down the Help menu or the Apple menu (for Mac users) and choose ABOUT)

• Visit the Update page to get the latest version of the software


Getting Help

  1. The best place to get help pretty quickly is through our new
    Laughingbird Software Group on Facebook!
    We have over 4000 members now and help is pretty quick if there’s a solution.

  2. THE NEXT FASTEST WAY to get help is to take a look at the Knowledge base (FAQ) page:
  3.  And if the above doesn’t answer your question, Contact Me (Marc) Directly:

  4.  Watch our tutorial videos


The Forum

The Laughingbird Software forum is the place to talk with other Laughingbird users, share tips and tricks, and ask questions. 


Social Media Sites


• The Laughingbird Software blog

• Twitter feed and our Instagram page … all contain update notices and Laughingbird Software tips.




Feature Requests

We’d like to hear your suggestions for making Laughingbird Software better. Please visit the Free Facebook Group!



Other places on the site you may be interested in:


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