Graphics for Bloggers: 3 Designs You Need for Success

Bloggers can design their own graphics using professionally made templates

3 Graphics for Bloggers: Don’t be left in the dark!

How many times have you clicked on an article link hoping to get your blogging questions answered? Probably hundreds, if not thousands. And how many times do you find a well laid-out, visually-appealing, informative and interesting article that holds your attention (and actually provides you with valuable information)? 45% of the time? 20%?

If you want to be a professional blogger, you’re going to have to do better than that! Continue reading Graphics for Bloggers below to find out what visual content you’ve been missing that’ll make you great!

There are no secrets here! As a professional blogger, you have to provide more than just well-written content to keep your audiences’ attention. 

You need amazing graphics! Right now, learn what graphics you need, what you need them for, and how to easily make them.


3 Must-Have Graphics for Bloggers:  If you want to be a professional blogger, you've got to use high-quality graphics to show readers what you're offering.

A graphic like this could be used for a blog’s featured image or in the body of the article to help tell your story.


1. Featured image

Your blog’s featured image is the first graphic anyone is likely to see upon coming to your blog.

It is a customized header graphic for your article, which then becomes the “thumbnail” image on your blog’s main page. This thumbnail image draws attention to your article from your blog’s main page.


Here are even more reasons why a featured image is one of the most important graphics for bloggers:

For starters, it draws attention to your fantastic article, as well as has other great benefits.

Featured images make your blog and business appear more professional. By using a consistent look and feel for your image on each article, you’re building your brand, and therefore your customer base. Readers will easily recognize your business from your social media and marketing efforts.


Check out how professional blogger Caitlin Bacher uses colors, text and a similar look and feel to all of her blog graphics:

Professional blogger Caitlin Bacher shows a perfect example of how graphics for bloggers can have a consistent look and feel, using complementary colors, text and objects.


Additionally, a featured image is also necessary in order for your readers to easily share it (of course, make sure you have social sharing buttons implemented on your site!). Really, what’s more important than word-of-mouth?!  It may also get picked up automatically into RSS (news) feeds.

And, having a consistent thumbnail graphic on your blog improves SEO. Not only should you name your graphic using relevant keywords, you can include your top keyword (the one used in your title) in the “alt text” of the image, as shown below.

Example of how to write Alt Text in your graphic.


When you upload your image into the WordPress Featured image, write a description of your image/article, using your keyword. This lets search engines know what your article is about, giving it a higher chance to rank for your keyword.


The simplest way to make a featured image, or really any blog graphic, is to use graphic design software. With a flexible graphics tool, you’ll be able to make graphic designs of all kinds for your blog, social media and website.

*Stay tuned for a video at the end of the article showing you how to easily create your own graphics (like all of the graphics in this article)!


Graphics for Bloggers: Learn how to easily create amazing graphic designs for blogging and marketing. Professionally designed templates let you make graphics in minutes, every day at any time.

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2. “Explainer” graphics

You’ve got great written content in your blog article, right? So, you might be left wondering why you need graphics in the body of your article.

First of all, readers can learn a lot from visual images, especially since there’s a tendency to skim over a bunch of words.

You also want to keep your readers interested. Without stimulating visual design, you’ll have little time to give them your message. They’re likely to leave if they only see endless blocks of text. The fact is, nice graphics break up written content, making reading it much easier.



3 Graphics for Bloggers that you must have to look professional. How to use graphics in the body of your blog article

Start designing incredible graphics now!


As an added bonus, the graphic itself can further deliver your message.

There are many graphics for bloggers that can be designed to use in the body of your blog article


As you might’ve noticed in this article, I use at least one or two images for each important section.

Consider This:  As a blogger, graphics are equally as important as the words you’ve written.

This idea doesn’t discount all the amazing written content you’ve created! Instead, using meaningful graphics will only help your readers focus directly on your message!


3. Advertising graphics

So listen, what good is a great article with a beautiful featured image and perfect blog graphics if you don’t successfully market it? Pinterest pins, Facebook images, Instagram designs, and email ads are just some of the graphics you’ve got to come up with every day!

Let’s face it… you need to easily design stimulating visuals for advertising and social media marketing.

Consider This:   When designing graphics to market your blog, you want to make unique designs that are all about you, your product, or your service.

Check out how I modified the template below to create my own advertisement:

Graphic Design Ad Template for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

Original template from The Logo Creator software. See how I modified it below!

Graphics for Bloggers: Marketing graphic. Find out how to create unique social media and advertising graphics.

Modified design template to make a unique graphic

Start designing your own blog graphics!

Here’s the deal:  You don’t have to be satisfied just picking a photo, dragging on an overlay, and slapping your text on top, like everyone else.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to put just the right colored outline on your text… instead of having to choose from what everyone else is using? Or use your brand’s colors in the background or text of your design? How about adding a character to liven it up?

The easiest graphics for bloggers are in the form of templates. Unfortunately, all graphic design tools are not created equal. A great graphic design tool has both the flexibility and power to create unique marketing designs, even from pre-made graphics templates. And, when it’s easy, you can actually create your own!

Learn how now with the “Attention Getters” design package for The Creator software…

Follow this tutorial video to start designing your own blog, marketing and web graphics.


Have fun!


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  • Lance says:

    Very nice article Lisa! Enjoyed reading this very much. Lots of good information. Now it’s up to me to quit procrastinating and start putting these ideas to good use.

    • I really appreciate your response Lance! I know, there never seems to be enough time! Consider only focusing on the featured graphic at first… spend 5 minutes thinking about what you want, a few minutes looking through design templates, and then 5-15 minutes modifying the design.

      Once you upload even one graphic, your article will look much more user friendly and you’ll be ready to knock out a few additional graphics to show it off 🙂

  • Ian levings says:

    Great article Lisa.
    I have been updating an old website and did just that, thought about the article and prepared the graphic first.
    I have also been using TC7 to produce adverts for the blog.
    Very quick and easy to do. My go to graphics software.

    • Thanks Ian! I really appreciate the nice response. I love that you created the graphic first! Having a great visual helps everyone (the writers and the readers) focus on what the article is about. It’s also great to hear that creating graphics with The Creator is easy… that has always been Laughingbird Software’s intention 🙂

  • GLo says:

    As always, GREAT tips and easy to understand.

  • You have such great useful information. the video is very understandable. with this tutorial anyone can make their own blog easily. thank you for sharing.

  • Catherine says:

    This is awesome, it appears user friendly. Looking forward to having a copy to play with. Thanks!!!

  • Bre Stites says:

    This was so helpful and very easy to understand! I can’t wait to play with this and see what I can create!

  • Natalya says:

    Great video! I liked your 3 tips to be successful. Glad I use all of them most of the time 🙂

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    Thank you for sharing this great article! It’s very informative and helpful for new bloggers.

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