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The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software makes it easy to design all the web graphics you need every day!

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With this awesome logo maker, you can create unlimited logos and other webgraphics for your website pages, blogs, emails and social media using pre-designed templates.


This free logo maker from laughingbird provides 25 templates to use.

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There's no better place on the web to download and create FREE logo designs!

 What else will you get with this Free Graphic Design Software?

FREE  templates! Just follow the instructions inside The Creator and you'll get 25 free  templates and images to use.

FREE Logo Design Software

The Creator allows you to make almost any type of graphic or image:  

Start branding your banners, buttons, splash screens, social media images, email signatures, advertisements, business card images, etc.

Everyone who has a website also needs many other graphics for their websites, blogs, emails and social media...

So now, with version 7, why not get them all in one place, right?

Along with the basic features you can SEE (in the details below), we've also added several new template sets including eCovers, social media graphics and flat graphics  templates. And we're continuing to add more into the free graphic design software! 

Download the logo design software for free  and start using the logo templates
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