The Graphics Creator.
FREE Graphic Design Software For Creating

Super easy to use. Fun to play with and incredibly powerful.

<span style="color: #3366ff;">The Graphics Creator.</span><br> FREE Graphic Design Software For Creating

The Graphics Creator is the ultimate tool for creating your own graphics.

It can be used to create logos, banners and even text with images right on top of it!

Create YouTube Channel Art, Images for your blogs... Facebook ads or just have fun with it!

You’ll have access to over 1 million stock photos! Royalty free and instantly useable.

pexels stock photos

Create logos and other graphics with circular text!

You can import your own images and add text to them or choose from over 1 million stock photos to use as background images.

Motion graphics at your fingertips!

Imagine choosing from over 10,000 built in stock video images! Export your creations as animated video or animated gif!


you can import your own PNG graphics and use video behind them to make some really cool special effects like the image to the right!

Download it for your Mac or Windows machine, or access it online "in the cloud"!

Download The Graphics Creator or Check out the Online version with a free 1 week trial!

Download it for Mac and Windows Login with a browser - Any Time. Anywhere.

Become a Creatorpreneur!

(Use The Graphics Creator, and we'll teach you how to market your products or services... with graphics!)

James Bane

James Bane

5 year customer

WOW! LOVE IT! They're always ready to offer their help/support when I have an issue. The software is easy to use and gets frequent updates. I use it to make ebook covers, banners, meme's, Facebook headers, and more. I'll be a fan of Laughingbird Software for life!!! 🙂

Get EVERYthing in the content store all at once! Visit the Online Graphics Creator and get 1200 templates, millions of stock photos... and thousands built in graphical elements!

Subscription and Lifetime plans available!

Laughingbird Software is a perfect fit for when I don't have a lot of time because, for the most part, all the work is already done. I love having LBS to help me make quick, easy visual content was well as having the ability to upload my own images as well. The Graphics Creator is perfect for Virtual Assistants, Web/Graphic designers, Start ups, and really anyone who needs quick and easy graphics. It's the best design software I've used!
Rhonda Holscher
Marketing Manager