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The Creator by Laughingbird Software makes it easy to design all the web graphics you need every day!

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Read on to find out how the newest version of The Creator software can help you easily create your every day graphics:

The LOGO Creator has always been an easy-to-use tool that does far more than just make 'logos'.

For this reason, in version 7, you'll now see it referred to as "The Creator"!

The Creator allows you to make almost any type of graphic or image:  Logos, banners, buttons, splash screens, social media graphics, email signatures, advertisements, business card images, etc.

Everyone who has a logo also needs many other graphics for their websites, blogs, emails and social media...

So now, with version 7, why not get them all in one place, right?

Along with the basic features you can SEE (in the details below), we've also added several new template sets including eCovers, social media graphics and flat graphics design templates. And we're continuing to add more!

Some of the cool features of the software:

Now, you can set the canvas as big as 2880 x 2880 (previously 1440 x 1440)

With "In-App" video tutorials, tips and tricks (updated regularly) 

Now it's easier to move things around and import larger graphics 

Take images from your desktop and drop them over LIVE text

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SAVE DIALOG BOX... now appears AFTER selecting a template (when you quit or leave the template) 😀

'MY TEMPLATES' FOLDER is now located where all of the other templates are found (inside your 'documents' folder on your computer)

Now opens and Exports .SWF files correctly (Windows version already worked properly)

It's big and beautiful now (not a big issue but it was really bugging me!)

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