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How to put an image into any shape

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Following these instructions, you can put an image into ANY shape! After posting the image order was changed....

1.  On a empty canvas put whatever figure you want to fill in with a picture (I used Bloo and a character I made) (I used a picture of Seattle I took) for the fill , but ANY image will work. (the third picture).

2. COLORIZE  the images: for creating a layer mask I often use grey, the color does not matter, you will be erasing the image in a bit anyway.  (second image).

Just make the image(s) a solid color.

3. FORMAT THE CANVAS to a different color, It doesn't matter-- as long as it's different that the colorized images. (2nd picture)

4. Export that image as a PNG.  Open that image in an image editing tool, GIMP is free, and can do it, I use Photoshop Elements.  

5. In your image editing program, choose the "Magic eraser" tool.
     5a. Erase the colorized images you want to fill with a picture.  Typically it's just one mouse click.

     5b. You just created a "see thru" area in the shapes of your figures you want to fill with an image.

6. Once you erase the colorized figures (they are a single color) SAVE THAT IMAGE AS A PNG.  In this example the WHITE  part is actually "See through"(4th image).

7. Open a blank canvas in the creator, IMPORT that image you just created (in a image editing program). (5th image)

8. Import whatever image you choose to fill the characters with, SEND IT TO THE BACK (It's in the OPTIONS menu).

9. Select the image "mask" you created, COLORIZE IT--CHANGE IT TO WHITE.  IT'S VERY IMPORTANT YOU DO THAT (6th image).  Just add any other elements you want (text, and other images).(7th image)

10. TADA!







layer mask.png



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Well, I think it looks a bit weird, but I followed along with the explanation and copied and pasted it into notepad for later printing.



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Could you do a video step by step using Gimp for us artistically challenged? I am a visual learner it seems in my old age...or if you could direct me to one that is already out there?

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Break it down to 2 colors.First remove the shape color with an editor like Gimp. Put it on what you want shaped like that. Export as a PLAIN .png. Now use editor again and remove the color surrounding your filled shape.. You are left with the shape filled with your image/s.


Once brought back you can add text or other images.

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