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I am using Creator 7 and trying to create a meme. In Creator 7 it says my canvas is 927 x 670 but when I try and save it I end up with a size of 300 x 216. I am obviously missing something when trying to save the meme in its canvas size. Can someone please tell me where I am going wrong.

Terry Cummings

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Welcome to the forum. Make sure the box at the top is UNCLICKED on the canvas format page. Then change the to desired size if necessary.


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Hi @Terry Cummings!

Welcome to the forum.

...hmmm, @KD-did might be on to something in her post above but I think you may be asking a different question.

It sounds like you may be SAVING rather than EXPORTING your final image. If you 'Save' the file, you're actually just saving the template to be modified later (you can open it back up using the FILE > OPEN menu). This saved file comes with a very small thumbnail image - which is what I think you're seeing.

Use the FILE > EXPORT menu option instead :D
This will put a PNG or Jpeg graphic onto your desktop at the exact size your canvas was.

Let me know if this is what's happening.

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What you are probably doing is navigating to the template folder, and trying to use the thumbnail that program uses to display the template in the my templates menu.

All thumbnails of completed templates (and pre made ones) the program uses are 300 wide with a varied height, the standard size being 300 x 111, with custom made templates, such as yours the width remains the same (300) but the height varies, to a max of 300.

Attached is a screenshot of a template thumbnail of mine: Note how it's named--- the template thumbnail image is always in the jpg format, regardless if it's one you made, or a pre made template. 



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