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I love this software,

I've owned laughing bird software for several years now. And the one thing I wish you made available is ; a character pack that is a bit more versatile.

I  sometimes need to create illustrations and characters for childrens books. Laughingbird Software can easily do this, but  I an limited by the

poses each character has in the character pack. And I can't build a story or campaign  with three poses. I might need a character sitting ,running,

front view ,side view, 3/4 view. etc.  But this is not offered online anywhere, at lease to my knowledge. I hope you become the first to offer a

character pack  that includes characters with interchangeable parts and views . With a pack like this the user could create a character that can

fit anywhere and do anything.

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Hi @new light!

Yes, I hear you - great suggestion!
We're working on a pack that contains different poses.  The hard part is creating the "side view" graphics.

Like if the character is facing front and also a 3/4 view, then the 'eyes' and other features need to also be front and three quarters view.  LOTS of eyes :D

But I'll get my cartoonist brother @Dave Sylvester on it! :D    (right Dave!?)



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There are tons of places online that offer characters with multiple poses.  You can also create your own characters in whatever pose you like using software like Daz3d

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