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Graphics Creator Version 8- NEW INSTALLERS are ready!

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Hi there friends!
We have NEW installers for you! 1f603.png
I'll be sending out a mailing about this to the list tomorrow as well.

If you think you have not correctly installed the new Graphics Creator 8 template sets ... OR ... you're still seeing squiggly lines, please revisit the Laughingbird Members portal and click on the "Creator8 icon"
Inside you'll find new installers!

Download them. Install them.
And then report back here 1f603.png

No need to remove/uninstall/jump up and down three times or anything else. 1f603.png
THANK you all for being patient. I know this seemed a little crazy but there were far more happy users that just didn't post here in Facebook 1f61b.png ... just sayin.
I'm happy to answer questions below! 
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