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Grace Baxter

System Fonts Not Showing Up


I installed a new font on my computer. The program doesn't show it in the system fonts. Closing the program and restarting doesn't help. 

Any suggestions? I need to be able to use my own special fonts. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome Grace, I have had that happen also. Often it is just a name thing.When they are out of the normal  ttf mode like otf, TTF oe even OTF the font show in the menu. What I usually do is use an online font name converter.Usually it is an OS issue OR are program/application specific font. Make sure the font was installed into ONLY in the MAIN font folder.

Looks weird here but it does work.just click .ttf mode then click bottom SELECT to re-name it.

What is the font?


Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 8.03.04 AM.png

Halloween-Grosses citrouilles-1.gif

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