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not recognizing templates


The Creator V7 does not recognize the actual location of the templates (Logo Elements and Logo Libraries).  I have tried pointing to the proper location of the Laughingbird Documents folder location but I cannot find a file in the Laughingbird Documents folder that the software will recognize.  Is there a solution or do I have to reinstall everything?

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As KD-did says, the Laughingbird Documents folder, the Logo Elements and Logo Libraries folders all need to be in a specific location. There is no configuration setting that you can change or set.

Now, I'll say this and you are on your own if you act on it. I have a lot of graphics! Therefore, when my C:\ drive began getting full, I moved my entire document folder to another drive. In Windows, not sure about MACs, you can change a windows configuration setting to point to your Documents folder. Once that setting is changed, Windows will know where to find your Documents folder and so The Creator will know where to find its folders.


Only do this if you are sure about what you are doing, and please make a backup first!

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