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Lance Tindall


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On 3/23/2019 at 2:58 PM, JeromeJohnson said:

How long does it take you to create a set of graphics to sell and what do you use to create your graphics?

I use a 3D render program called DAZ3D. Basically I take a 3D asset, configure and pose it, then create a 2D render of that pose. Depending on your computers power and graphics, each render can take from 1 minute to almost 2 hours! I generally create 100 graphics per pack that I release, but some have quite a bit more, and a few have less. I have graphics packs with 60 images, and I have packs with several hundred. It just depends on what type of graphic I'm working with, the render times involved, how hard it is to configure and pose. A lot of time and work goes into each project. That said, I can usually create a 100 graphic set in a weeks time. But it may take a couple of weeks to decide on the project and get all the 3D assets together. Most character packs can cost anywhere from a few dollars to over a hundred. I sell these packs for about eight dollars each. So as you can see, I have to sell multiple packs to break even much less make a profit.

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