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Staying on Element


I have two problems, both are related.

1. First it is very difficult to select an element on the screen.

2. Secondly, once the element has been selected it is very very difficult to stay on the element to move it around on the screen. The program continue to, when I start to drag an element around on the screen, will not stay on that element. But will jump to another element.

Suggestion~~ Maybe you need to develop a Navigation table that will easily let you select and element to move. And once you have pressed the mouse button to move the element the selection will not change. 

Projecto Rossin_j.jpg

Projecto Rossin.tlc

Spheres--ctoon_clear disk.png


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You could also try temporarily deleting an image while you move the other image.  Look for the image as a single element that you can pull from the library to replace after a deletion.

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