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Problems Downloading and Using software

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Hello. I have been trying to download the software and have run into issues. I have not been able to download the templates I paid $15 extra for. And the ebook software itself is running on a very limited version of itself. I see none of the ebook templates at all. It seems to be still trying to use the free trial I downloaded earlier today and which I deleted. 

On the templates, I got 68 mb of the 98 promised but it wont comp-lete the download. It just gets stuck. One time it got stuck at 24.9 mb and another time at 14 mb. 

This has been a real problem. I have spent about six hours all day trying to get this software downloaded... and have not made it happen.

Any suggestions?

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You are fighting the SLOW internet monster. Many things can affect the speed.I routinely turn off my anti-viral for downloads, I find it does speed up the process;

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Thanks. I got some help at the facebook page on this. I downloaded Free Download Manager and it solved it instantly. I had tried like nine times before that.

However, I have a lot of other questions.

Do you or does anyone regularly use ebook creator to create good ebook covers?

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