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Sad Duck

Can I change the slogans and taglines that come with The Creator?


At the TOP of TC7 there is a box for inputting text to be added to the canvas. Above that box are 2 buttons. One titled Slogans, the other titled Taglines. If you press either button, the program cycles through many different slogans/taglines that are included with TC7.

Can you change these slogans and taglines?

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YES! And it's not even hard!

First, remember to ALWAYS backup your files before making changes!

Simply open your favorite text editor and create a text file titled 'Slogans.txt' Or 'Taglines.txt' if you prefer to modify those.

Type in your slogans. One per line! Then save the file to your desktop.

Close TC7. Navigate to your TC7 program directory. Look to the pictures below for where it is on a Windows PC. It may be different on a MAC. Hopefully a MAC user will let us know!

Rename the Slogans.txt file to Slogans_bak.txt  ( or Taglines.txt to Taglines_bak.txt)  This preserves the original file in case you ever want to change back.

Move your Slogans.txt file to this directory.

Finished! Open TC7 and you should see your slogans randomly chosen as you press the Slogans button. Awesome!








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