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guy te watson

How To Transfer/Migrate Logo Creator to another/new Compuert

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Use your member's account and do a new download. NEW since March 6,2015.....so if you haven't made any purchases since then you will not be in the data base.If you haven't got one all you have to do is signup for it using your email account you used at the time of purchase and a receipt.

Use the question mark icon to send an email request.


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I just purchased the new version and I can't find anywhere how to transfer my projects/files from my old computer to my new computer when I install the new version on my new computer. Please specifically tell me how to move the data files to a new computer. This should be somewhere plain and simple to find. Please provide the info.


In Christ

guy te

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As Katie said, download and install The Creator on your new computer.

After you install The Creator on your new computer, and insure it is running correctly. Simply backup your files on your old computer to a thumb drive, cloud drive or whatever method you want to use. Most of us preach about doing backups at least every week. Copy your /My Documents/Laughingbird Documents folder from your backup drive to your new computer. Migration done! It really is just that simple.

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