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Check out Laughingbird's New, FREE Community for Innovative Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses!

Marc and I have been online small business entrepreneurs for almost 20 years… & we know how isolating, stressful, and time-depriving it can become without help!

A lot of you using Laughingbird's graphics and tools are also entrepreneurs and small businesses! And many of you WANT to become a successful entrepreneur and earn money online!


So, here's your chance to:

✓ Network & Connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs

✓ Get your questions answered… about business, marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, graphics & web development

✓ Share your expertise, help others out & perhaps grow your customer base

✓ Share relevant business and marketing posts from others

✓ Promote your business weekly under our “Marketing Monday” posts, as well as participate in other daily online events and challenges

✓ Learn cool tips and tricks about a variety online business and marketing topics


Find out more by joining us at the Entrepreneurs Biz Network!

Look forward to seeing you there!



Lisa and Marc

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