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Jens Paul

No Login Details

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after my purchase there comes no Login-Details.

I write to contact.....no answer....wtf... i would my Purchase pls.....
....i will some more but with this Support....hmmmmm...i don't know to buy more....pls....my Login-Details...how can i get this?
There comes no eMail to my Purchase Mail-Adress.

Greetings from Germany

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Hi Jens!

Sorry for your troubles. It seems that all of your emails in our support system bounced back to us. I re-sent the login details (again) to an email that starts with:


I also just sent another message  through our support system, on the chance it will go through.

Please check to make sure this is correct. If you still have not received any emails from us, please give me another email address so we can send you login info.

Thanks for your patience!




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