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I created a new youtube channel image and I want to use the same one for all my 
social media platforms. Is there an easy way to convert YT channel art into FB cover image
twitter image etc without having to resize and move all the elements around. 

1 click fix would be nice..... :)



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Hi there @sherriashley!

Welcome to the new forum :)

Yes, I hear you on this.
As of now... there is no way to resize the convas and have the images inside "Snap" to the correct location

(for example, going from an Instagram-sized image and shrinking the canvas down to a Facebook Timeline header... the images will need to be moved into place  ¬¬ )
but! that's what I did for all of my "Laughingbird" graphics (the logo here in this forum -- and the images in the Facebook Group all come from the same template). I just had to move things around.

I'm working on a solution.


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