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Charles Scarlatta IV

Unable to export picture


Hello, I am trying to export the logo I have created. I am able to save the template in documents but when I tried exporting the logo picture to the desktop normally I got an error and when I tried as an admin I do not get the error but still was unable to export the logo.

I was able to do this no problem before the recent update to 7.2.9.

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HI there @Charles Scarlatta IV  :D

Thanks for posting.

This bizarre error happens to me as well. It is a bug, but for the life of me I can't figure out how it happens. I can't ever replicate it to test - it just ... happens. 1f641.png

The solution is to quite (force quite if you have to) the software.
Then, open your documents folder on your computer. You'll see another folder called "laughingbird Documents" remove this folder (just drag it to your desktop. Don't delete it)

Then, launch the Logo Creator again.
(it will create a brand new EMPTY Laughingbird Documents folder - you won't have any logos or graphics)

Create something on the canvas. Text, and import an image (use the FILE > IMPORT menu option and find any graphic you may have on your computer).

Now, Export this image directly to your desktop.

It'll work fine.

THEN! Exit out of the software again and put the Laughingbird Documents folder back into the Documents folder (you can replace the 'empty' LB folder. No worries)

The software should work again.

Let me / us know!

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I had a windows update that caused problems a few days ago too. Not with TC7 but with other things. Two days later I got another windows update that seems to have fixed everything. Make sure you have all updates.

If you are going to try and reinstall from scratch, please make a backup of any templates or graphics you have created. There is no uninstall for The Creator 7. Simply rename, or delete your Laughingbird Documents directory. To delete the program ( on a Windows machine ) go to c:/Program Files (x86) and delete the folder /The Creator 7. That's it.

Before reinstalling I would log into your member page at http://laughingbirdsoftware.com/members and download the program and any template paks you have purchased. Save them somewhere on your computer other than where you saved them before. Do not reinstall from files you have already downloaded since you have had problems. Thousands of users use TC7 and there is no issue with the latest version.

Make sure to install the program first. Then run it. Then close it out. Make sure it is closed when you install any add on paks you have downloaded. Then open and run it again.

Let us know if this solves your problem. It is unusual that you get no error and yet the graphic does not export. I'm curious to see if this fixes things. Good luck.

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Well, you need the V6.8 for content. The V7 update only updated the program and had no content. It had no templates or elements..I would complete uninstall , get a fresh download of V6.8 then do update.The reason for doing things this way is TC doesn't overwrite itself and install the missing files.

Back up your work....save the .tlc file else where. Then you can simply add it to the My Templates file.



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