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Upgrading from V6.8 Important NOTICE

Now that I've updated to version 7.0, what should I do with version 6.8?

First: DO NOT UNINSTALL VERSION 6.8!  Many users doing so have inadvertently uninstalled all their installed templates!

It's safe to MANUALLY DELETE the old 6.8 icon, but please do not uninstall version 6.8!

SECOND: Only use the icon with the little 7 on it once you install the update to version- the old icons that started earlier versions of the program, and the YouTube Channel Graphics Creator are no longer needed once you install the update to version 7.0!

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Just saying that there are few people using version 6.8 any more. That version was completed in 2014 ... so from then on, version 7 has been out. And soon, we'll have version 8 :D  But, with that said, yes. Uninstalling version 6 with the "uninstall" feature in Windows may delete the templates as well as they're attached to the version 6 app

Version 7 and on was created differently the above no longer applies :)

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