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Use The Creator for making memorible ornaments and/or scapbook projects.

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Use TC to shape your photographs to make ornaments. Make the ornaments different shapes. Then insert them into plastic ornaments.....can be found at t he dollar store.

Use different shape mask to shape your photos for your scrape books or make custom shaped backgrounds.


Make you own custom shape cutting mask. Color the background. Use an image and color it to a color at 100 % opacity. Export as a plain ,png., Place desired picture on the canvas, Import your custom photo mask on top. Move and size photo if necessary. Once again export and use am image editor to remove the sides and surrounding area.

Sample is a star shape photo mask over a TC Comedy background. Star shape comedy star. the result.

PC users if there any DS_STORE files in the attached ZIPPED cutting mask files delete before adding to your Logo Elements library folder.

star shape comic.png

star shape comic copy.png

Cutting mask .zip

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You can use shapes cut outs and adhere them to handmade CLAY ornaments. Put holes through the ornament to thread  ribbons through.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 1.05.20 PM.png

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