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Mr Laughingbird

Printing on Coffee Mugs! From Patricia Busch

Patricia Busch created (and had it delivered right to her door!) a cool coffee mug!
Here's the comment she left on Facebook about it:


This is how it comes together for me... I bought the Flat Graphics pak last week. Skimmed through the templates to get an idea of what was available. The cute giraffe with measurement graphic caught my eye. The next day I was going through some old notes and found this quote. Looked like a good fit to me. I replaced the giraffe with Mr. Business Toon who looks excited to reach a goal 1f642.png  I played around with fonts until I was happy. I used Impact, except for the word "measured." I wanted that to stand out. I decided on Zud Juice Bold, since that looks "active." Love this software & how easy it is to create new designs. Having fun !!

 I use Zazzle to create my mugs. The classic white mug with design is $15.80. They always have sales.




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