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Edit/Select All


Once I have clicked Edit / Select All is it possible to get back to

Image Menu?

After the Select All step, I am trying to rotate that object (the Select All item).

It would be nice to be able to treat the Select All object as one image at that

point and add shadows etc. Anyway, just wondering.

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Hi there @Mikeman1

.... hmmm, interesting. So you're trying to rotate all of the images at once?

So, for now - this can't be done.
But I'm trying to program a group function into the new version we're creating. 

How about this: Set all of you images up on the canvas as you'd like, then use the EXPORT > PNG Transparent menu option to export the 'collection' as one graphic.

Then re-IMPORT the image back onto the canvas. Now you can rotate everything and add drop shadows to it.


Try that? Let me know how it goes.



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