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I do not know what happened to my creator 7.29
I have had the Geek Squad do a clean up and all updates, plus had a Java Script update as well.

All is well there as far as the system goes.

I am running Windows 10 and have all the LB dox in the Documents as directed.

I do have a 6.o v that is still on my laptop and can access all dox. on it but not optimal to use for what I need.

Please advise. Thanx

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Is this a fresh installation or a re-installation? Check for any DS_STORE files and delete them. They are used by Macs and are not understood by Windows.


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I removed all of the DS_STORE files on my PC.

Do I need to restart the PC?


This is neither a fresh or re-install...should I do a re-install?

What do I do with the v6.0? It still works but rather use the 7.29 I "had".

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You can try a re-install. Should just overwrite and not hurt anything. Leave 6.0 alone! Don't delete or remove. After 7.2.9 install you will have 2 icons. 1 for v6 and 1 for v7. Use either version. You also need to insure you have the latest version of Adobe Air installed. Let us know if a reinstall works for you.

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