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Sorting My Templates

Hey guys I have a question 

IS it possible to organize the My Templates folder? What I mean is like can I have 5 folders " ect Website name 1-5" then in each folder can I have the current templates that I made for that website (example is like Logo, then Blog graphic 1, Blog graphic 2, ect)

is that even possible or no ?

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That's not possible- sub directories of template Libraries.  It's a feature of the elements library.

WHAT EVERYONE DOES THOUGH:  gather up all the templates related to a project.   Put them all in the same folder. Put that folder in your logo libraries directory. Doing that requires a bit of work using your file explorer, not tuff though.

Currently I have over 100 templates in my actual "My templates" library- it's generally thought to be a good idea to keep it below 100---, myself, I've put 700 templates in there as a test, and had no problem.

Doing up a set of images for a project?  Only work on one project at a time?  This following method will work for you..


Make all your graphics for that project.  When done: go into your file explorer and give the MY TEMPLATES directory a new name "Steve's web site" or whatever you choose.   You then put that newly renamed folder into your LOGO LIBRARIES directory.  Doing so allows you to see thumbnails of your completed projects right in the program. 

The next time you use the program, the MY TEMPLATES folder gets created automatically when you make something.


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