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                                                              "Formatting Business Card templates 101"

Class in now in session...

The business card templates themselves are huge- more than 3 times the size of a business card if measured just in pixels. They print up nice because of that: their big size "fools" the commercial printers into thinking it's set up at a resolution of 300dpi. Because the original template size is so big, when it is fitted into a regular size business card template, such as whats found on vista print) their software thinks it's at 300 dpi.

Now there area couple of things that you don't mention: 

1. Using one of the premade templates. 

2. If you just got a "business card size in pixels" (about 350 x 200) and used that, making a business card from scratch- which would result in pixellation when uploaded to a commercial printer such as vista print.

IF YOU WANT 300 DPI: format the canvas like this: every 300 in size will result in 1 inch printed at 300 dpi. Following that guidline you would format a blank canvas to 1050 x 600, and go from there.

Now the Premade business card templates from Laughingbird are bigger than those values, which is fine: they (the premade business card templates) are proportionally correct. 

Users sometimes will look inside the folder containing a completed template and see a thumbnail of the completed project, which is only used by the program to display your project when looking in the "my templates" directory-- and typically only has a size of about 300 x 111. They see that completed image and upload it to vista print, thinking all is good.

If you used a business card template, or selected the business card choice shown below, and used that exported image, your image will be just dandy!


You will have to manually adjust the template size to get your final product to proportionally fit the business card size which is standard to your country (Such as what is used in Great Britain). When you do that the red bleed line should be ignored- the size of the bleed line does not change- it's static: it's size is set to the U.S. standard business card size of 2" by 3.5".

A little math is all it takes to get the right canvas size. YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO DO SOMETHING ELSE: You have to "uncheck" the business card size choice found under the format canvas menu--- leaving it checked locks the canvas size- it cant be adjusted.

THINKING IN TERMS OF 300DPI OUTPUT: every 12 in value of canvas size is 1/8th of an inch which is equal to 3.75mm is size--- keeping that in mind will make manually adjusting the template size easy for non U.S. commercial printers. 

FOR NON U.S. USERS: Make a blank business card template with the correct size for your country, add a little text (even just one word will work) and save it. MOVE THAT TEMPLATE FOLDER OUT OF YOUR "MY TEMPLATES" DIRECTORY, AND PUT IT INTO ANOTHER TEMPLATE DIRECTORY- OR CREATE A NEW FOLDER IN YOUR "LOGO LIBRARIES" FOLDER, and store it there

Doing so will result in a template that cannot be overwritten, just like a regular template. Your will never have to do the math, set things up for your country, select or un-select things!

Class is over!


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It's ok to have images outside the "bleed line" but not text- if you do have text that appears outside the bleedline it stands a good change of getting "cutoff"- litterally cut off when the cards are printed and cut.


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