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Re: Problem


My name is Kent Sapoznick, I'm using The Creator 7 and I noticed that my Elements, and my Libraries are in my download files area How do I transfer them to my Creator 7 ?

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Are you a MAC, or Win user? I don't use a MAC, so someone else may need to chime in.

Windows:  Those folders should be in your Laughingbird Documents folder.

c:\user\[your-user-name]\My Documents\Laughingbird Documents

That folder should contain  \Logo Elements   and  \Logo Libraries

If your folders are in your download area, something went wrong. You can try and drag/dropping them into your Laughingbird Documents folder, but it may or may not work. You may simply have to reinstall the software to get the proper directory structure. PLEASE make a backup copy of your files you try and move anything.

You may find this of some use ...  FindURmojo.zip


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seems I've got a problem. I had a logo(my initials) made on fiverr in png and imported it to a logo I made on creator,  It worked okay on one logo, but I had another one and deleted an element to replace it with this logo(initials) and I imported it, but it just disappears and where it goes I haven't a clue, but I see it in the lb library. Any idea to get it to work for me and not disappear. I think I'll delete it out of the library and then reimport...is that doable? Regardless, just trying to add it to a logo I made.. 

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If you are saying that you added the logo to your library, and can see it in the directory on your computer, but not in TC7 ... then check and make sure that the file extension is lower case ( ie..   .png and not .PNG ) That does make a difference!

Other than that. You can use File/Import png or jpg to add the logo to your canvas. It does not have to come from a built in library.

Let me know if that helps, or if you need more information.

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