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Sue Keetch

Hello from Canada

Howdy, my name is Sue and I live in Canada.  I have had logo creator in the past but recently have started buying all the new stuff and I must say I am quite impressed.  I did not purchase to make money but to create amazing ads for my t shirt business but have created a few ads for others and was actually paid :).  Great upgrades since I dabbled with it.  Look forward to learning for the talented people in here

Have a wonderful day :)

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Welcome to the forum. You have discovered the magic...TC is the toolbox for making things possible not giving uou all prepared graphics to customize.


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Hi Sue! 

Welcome back to The Creator! Fantastic program for sure, as long as you have the graphics to create!

Remember that you can add any graphic or picture as long as you have the rights to it. There are a couple of us that have sites selling various graphics packages. Love to have you come by and take a look. If you need a specific graphic and don't see it, be sure to ask! 

Also search the forum 'Freebie' listings as several of us have graphics we are giving away!

Sad Duck

GC Graphics  

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