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Used Contact Form for Support


I used your contact form on August 22, 2017 for some billing issues.  I attached my personal info in a single pdf document. I received a canned response saying either Marc or Lisa would get in touch with me shortly.  It has been a week and wondering if there is a better place to receive billing help?



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Nope. That is the thing to do! However, since it's been that long, something may have gone awry! You can message Marc from the forum here. Or you can go to the Facebook page and holler at him! Don't send any personal info on the FB page!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware/?fref=nf

Sometimes he just needs a little poke in the ribs!  :D

Don't give up on him though. He'll make it right in the end!

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Thanks for the reply.  I first bought TLC 5.3 back in 2011. Marc is definitely a stand up guy.  I hadn't thought about being able to p.m. them directly here in the forum. 

I figure either they are busy creating a new product for us or on a much needed vacation. :D 


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The best way to handle your issue is through the support channel you used earlier. That canned response- it's actually called an "autoresponder" lets you know the support side of things got your answer.    Attaching supporting documents is always helpful--- you can have multiple attachments.

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