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Height of the side of the 3d eCover?

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Sent messages weeks ago to support but didn't hear back.

I have Creator 7 and using it, designed an eCover template (front look), what dimensions should I use to create for the side look?

How can I get each 3d covers side size to create one using an eCover template?

It never fits, becomes taller to stretched when dragging side image into its place.


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Being very, very careful, go into your /My Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries/3D eCovers folder and look for the template you want. Then open the .tlc file with a text editor of your choice. Look for the <placeholderModifier>  There will probably be more than one. Up to you to figure out which one you need for the 'side' of the box. Probably 1 for the front, side and top depending on the template you choose.

This will give you the 'size', but the 'skew' may still make your image look distorted. You'll just have to play with it. Sorry I can't be of more help. 

Before changing any settings, make sure you have a backup of the original file.

If you pursue this, please post back your template and size findings as I'm sure others would also like to know! Good luck!




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Mine is dublebox2 and there's 4 placeholderModifier.

This is not an easy way, confusing. there must be a thing to show the width and height of front and side to the user.

Thanks for trying to help though.

I thought this product has a good support as they answered my first two pre-purchase inquiry emails but the last two ones after making the purchase didn't get answered.  I'm really stuck on this


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I start by simply making my sides 200 x 853, and go from there. You just have to play with it till you get it right.

Marc created the drag/drop areas to make it easy on us to create an e-product, but it really is still a work in progress. Everybody was screaming to get it out, and so he did. It's not perfect. We've talked to him about it and it may get updated in the future, or he may do something new. Bottom line is that it works. You just have to play with it till it looks the way you want. Yep. Not perfect.

As far as support. There is no support department. Laughingbird Software is simply a family owned business. Marc and Lisa. That's it. They do the best they can. The rest of us are simply users just like yourself, that have used the product for many years. We are not support. Marc will probably get an answer to you soon, but it's probably not gonna be the answer you want. My opinion, and only my opinion, is that it would simply take him too long to go back to that product and pull out all the sizes. He may. You never know ...

This is a set I just did up in about 5 minutes. Is it perfect. Not by a long shot. Does it show what I want to show, sure.


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