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my first design

my first design DRAFT created with the software... what ya think?

It will primarily be used for a t-shirt.


terry depot logo 5_j.jpg

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You'll probably have to make it bigger. TC7 is designed to create 'web' graphics, not t-shirt designs. That said, you can create some spectacular t-shirts IF your graphics are big enough. Below is a sample design I created for t-shirts. Note the size of the graphic ( 769 x 1350 ) which prints at 6.4" by 11.2".

The second image shows the property values needed by Vistaprint ( which does excellent t-shirts by the way ). It say, for a short sleeve mens shirt that the dimensions should be 2100 x 2100 for a center design t-shirt.

You should always create your designs as large as possible. You can always shrink them to fit without losing resolution. It's hard to go the other way. There are programs, and on-line utilities, that can increase size and DPI, but you will lose resolution.

One solution, if you have a small graphic you want to use, is to vectorize it. A vector graphic can be scaled up or down with no loss of resolution. Takes some work. Most on-line solutions are not very good in my opinion. Using a service that charges can produce better results, but you'll have to decide if it's worth the cost to you.





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