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How can I uninstall The Creator v7 and re-install again?

Reason I am asking this is that even after I had put the Comic Elements folder into Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Elements, I still don't see the comic elements.

See attached pictures.

That's why I wanted to uinstall and re-install the Creator v7.



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YOU NEED TO INSTALL ONE OF THE REGULAR TEMPLATE SETS first.  RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE MISSING YOUR LOGO LIBRARIES FOLDER.  You definitely have not installed the basic template set (the 200 templates)- you're missing a bunch of files that belong in your screenshot, in the logo elements directory.

If you have the basic logo templates set, either the original, or the updated v2 set install those first.

THE COMIC SET:  the comic elements folder contains a bunch of other folders.  Install the basic template set first, and your will be good-


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Now I managed to install the free template (see attached picture) but I still don't see my comic elements which I purchased.



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