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Jim Lyle

Hi From Jim L. in Tampa

  Hi Everyone, I always forget to visit these forums...  I have been a subscriber for several years, went away from it, and came back.  I am not very artistically inclined, but playing around with The Creator soothes me, much in the way a crayon book will.  Brings my anxiety down when I feel it.  Some people take smoke breaks, I take creator breaks :)  I use creator in Wine on Fedora.   Works like a champ. I also use gimp (1) as my graphics application.  If you don't want to pay for photoshop, but still want something powerful, give it a look.  Fully opensource and a really great community.


(1) https://www.gimp.org/



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Hey Jim,

I know you been around a while. Good to see you here on the forum. Don't forget to check out the 'freebies'! :D

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