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Can't Select Objects


Hi - I am having great difficulty getting objects to select with the updated version.

Working on scaling a logo but have to click 3-4 dozen times and hope the object somehow gets selected.  Can't figure out the problem - I have very high quality PC, mouse and relatively new Win 10 install with all updates.


Also - trying to get the highest resolution I can but some objects (Spheres for ex) will only Scale x2 while Text blows way past that.  Any help / tips would be appreciated!




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Welcome to the forum.

Is this a new installation? Have you done a reset or cold reboot after installing?


Are you picking an built in element or one from some place else on your computer/Every time you click the button in a succession it starts the process over again.

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I am having the same problem, and more.  I recently installed Version 7, and am now trying to make my first graphic.  I am having a terrible time. 

*  Most of the time an item will not select.  Or, it will select an item that might be an inch away. 

*  Frequently, I select an item and start moving it (after I get the move icon), but a different, nearby item moves.  Or, nothing moves.

*  Sometimes I have given up moving an item and try to delete it, but I cannot select it.

* Some items I cannot color.  They do not respond at all.

* Many actions are extremely slow.  It might take 10+ seconds for an action to occur, or for an item to be selected, deselected, etc.

I can run Version 6.8 and it seems fine, although it has limitations on what I want to do.

I am running a Mac with OSX 10.11.6

Any suggestions?


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Hi @TexasZman and @Shori
Thanks for posting here in the forum.

First, let's make sure you're using the latest version of The Creator (v7.2.9). You can see what version you're using when you pull down the ABOUT menu. You can update here if you're not seeing v7.2.9:


If you ARE using v7.29, then here's the scoop with the software: You need to actually click on the image. Sounds silly, I know - but the software is programmed so that the mouse touches a 'pixel' 
If you click in the hole of the letter 'A' for example, you'll be selecting the image UNDERneath the 'A' Make sense? I've tried to fix this - but, it's based on a pixel touch. So let's see if this makes a difference.

As for the slowness you mention Shori, that's not good. I haven't experienced this. Do you have a lot of other apps open?

So, both of you check for now - make sure you're running version 7.2.9 and post back here if you can  :D


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