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Can't Select Objects

Hi - I am having great difficulty getting objects to select with the updated version.

Working on scaling a logo but have to click 3-4 dozen times and hope the object somehow gets selected.  Can't figure out the problem - I have very high quality PC, mouse and relatively new Win 10 install with all updates.


Also - trying to get the highest resolution I can but some objects (Spheres for ex) will only Scale x2 while Text blows way past that.  Any help / tips would be appreciated!




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Welcome to the forum.

Is this a new installation? Have you done a reset or cold reboot after installing?


Are you picking an built in element or one from some place else on your computer/Every time you click the button in a succession it starts the process over again.

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The graphics contained in templates are various sizes. They will only scale so far. Remember, TC7 was designed to create graphics for the web. They don't really need to be very big. Trying to scale them to much will simply make them lose resolution and look fuzzy. If you need a large graphic, you will have to look for an alternate source. Remember to look for 'royalty free' graphics. Not all graphics that are 'free' on the internet are royalty free. You also need to check the license for every graphic you download and use. Check to see if it is only for 'personal use', or if you can use it for 'commercial' purposes. 

If you need more information, just post back and let us know.

As far as the selecting problem. Even if a graphic is 'transparent, it may have a border. Even text. These can overlap other graphics and you may not realize it. Simply click on the screen, and if the graphic you are trying to select is not selected, hold down the mouse button and move the mouse. See if something else. moves. If so, move it out of the way. Modify the graphic you want. Then move the other graphic back. 

Text is sometimes hard to select because the mouse pointer has to be 'on the text'. You might have to scale it up to make it easier to select. And when finished, scale it back down.

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