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So I have created and saved my template to Laughingbird, how can I save it to a thumbdrive without the word TEXT showing up in the background.  I have paid for the software and created logos but before all the new redone site!

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I have saved  a TC template to thumb drive thousands of times and never seen that. Never ever heard of it with any LB product.What I am thinking is perhaps it is something is your ' viewer' that is making it appear as if it s apart of the file. Is it apart of an element?I have never see LB use a watermark of any kind in 14 year time frame.Could you zip a file and attach here? What format are you

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Got a picture of what you are talking about? I'm going to guess, that the word 'Text' was originally in the template and never got deleted. Things will not be randomly added just because you save to a thumb drive. Or anywhere else. Where are you seeing this word 'Text''? Are you looking in the templates folder, after it is saved? If so, I know the answer to your question! But please, let me know where this word is showing up.

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