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Hi from Hunny

Hi everyone.  I am from the South. A retired Graphic Designer.#retiredveryyoung   #10yearsagoat49

Even though I have many interest in my life, graphics in deep in my heart and soul.  Right now, I do slideshows for a hobby. 
I do them for my church, and friend's kids who are getting married, etc.    I am on a beta group of a high end program.

My passion has always been designing logos.  I have had Logo Creator version 4 for a while now.  Just today I have downloaded the newest version and
want to possibly start designing for clients.

Would appreciate any advice....... maybe I should post this question on another thread.....


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Great to have you here @hunnyb! We'd love to hear what you have to say... you can talk about pretty much anything in General Discussions, or you can also post specific design questions under "Ask for Feedback". For now, welcome!

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