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    This is Jack, known here as Zipper. I took that name from a domain I used to own. I am now retired but, was a "jack of all trades"and couldn't list ALL I've done or it would crash the server. Actually I think that I am the Senior member here and I don't mean length of time as a member... If KD thinks she's old and 1/2, then I'm ancient.

    I was in the Army National Guard for 14 years, 7 of those as a full time administrator as a 1st Sergeant. Several years as manager of a Furniture/Gift store and as such was responsible for advertising where we got clipart from books and "Cut" with scissors and "Paste" with.....paste (actually it was rubber cement). Several years as an Independant Manufacturers Rep in the music industry. I covered as many as 7 midwest states callin on retail music stores representing several major musical products including keyboard, drums, sound gear and guitars and amps. I also spent a few years calling on gift shops and furniture stores as a rep for giftware and small furniture products. So, been there, done that.

    A couple of years ago, I got the eCover creator and fell in love with Laughingbird Products, since then I have added them all and am still learnig. They are great products, and easy to learn without a manual. Just open them up, click on everything, keep messing around after you have mastered the basics, come to this great forum for your questions, to share your works and enjoy this freindly forum. But, I ramble, this has been more than you every wanted to know about "Zipper"


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