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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by softhaus, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. softhaus


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    I've been a user of Logo Creator since 3.0 which I bought from Office Depot under the label Summit Software. When I wanted to update this version to the latest version it didn't work. I sent Marc an email and not only did he fix me up he gave me an extra logo set for my trouble! The guy over delivers! The PM is still in my inbox and that was in 2002.

    My point is this: There is nothing on the market that I know of that will do design work as easily as this software at this price, period. I own photo shop, photo impact, paint shop pro and a few others. I just don't have a year to learn this stuff. Sure it took a couple of days of messing around, but now I can whip out an awesome logo in about 30 - 45 minutes.

    So the bottom line is read the docs play with the software and give Marc and staff a few kudos for great inexpensive software. Just bought Web Graphics Creator. I'm sold on the BIRD!

    My 2 cents worth

  2. Chris

    Chris Staff Member

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    Hey Chris it is always good to hear positive feedback. I am sure Marc will love reading this also. Keep on having fun. Glad you like the software so much. I do also.
  3. Mr Laughingbird

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    Hi Chris (Softhaus).
    Good to hear from you again!

    I appreciate you taking the time to write here in the forum.

    As the other Chris (Mac27) says; It's always good to get positive feedback :D

    Let me know if you have any questions about the new Web Graphics Creator!

    - Marc
  4. junkie4life


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    I concur with softhaus...there is no other product in the market with better bang for a few bucks. I have submitted some work to professional print companies and even they cannot match all the details using Photoshop, when it comes to logo design.

    I know I have posted in the past regarding the slow release of CIC for Mac, etc. (and I have said this before) it is because I love the products so much, not having CIC is holding me back from completing other tasks. I even went so far as to send my Biz card design template to a printer and they were PC based and could not match the font. I have since sourced out a place that is Mac based and has more fonts available, but I really cannot wait to be able to be as self-sufficient as possible without having to outsource.

    I promote the Laughingbird products to whomever I come across that requires one, some, or all of these types of products. If I were Marc, I would try to develop a BIG BIRD package and include all the applications in one package and sell it for a nice chunk of change. Most people start off buying what they need (typically TLC) slowly but surely they have a whole arsenal of TLC products. It's good to have the option of purchasing the individual applications, but I think it would be a good idea to bundle them all and target new entrepreneurs to give them everything they will need to get them started and carry them into the future.

    Just my 2.43 cents (I'm Canadian so I factored in the exchange rate lol)


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