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    I am not familiar with the new programs as i have only used logo creator but i was wondering...i am working on a logo where i want the globe in it....is there a way to make the globe spin? Is this something one of the other programs can enable me to do? i would like to use it also for a header on the website and for the header on the email newsletters. I have read through the info on the other programs but i am still not sure which one or if either can do that without using a pre designed one which there is no garantee that i would find one to match what i have in mind.
    This project is for a local IBEW Union and will be using the business card creator once i get to that point..it appears i can create the headers from that program..i am assuming i can from logo creator but just not have as many elements to chose from or ease of setup to transfer to cards and paper headers...which is a queston with each program do you get more elements to work with?
    is it the web graphics or the flash ad that i am looking for here?
    Any help greatly appreciated

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