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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by PatentGuy, May 21, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    I am new here. I have not purchased the Logo Creator software yet (playing with the trail version). I am really only interested in creating two logos. One of these logos will be for legal business (Patent Law) and the other for a photo business (less formal). How do I know which version of TLC to buy - Web2.0? Corporate? Entertainment? I would hate to buy one and then find nothing that interested me in that pack. Since I only need to design two, I don't want to buy the Mega Pack. I am the only one who has struggled with this? Thanks for your input
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    It is a bit of a struggle to offer advise on this one as well. Its hard for someone else to say whats right for you. The best you can do is review each one on the website and take a look at the examples shown for you on the website for each package and from there you will need to pick which one fits what you need. 2.0 is merely a style of logo. If you are looking for the 2.0 style then I do suggest the 2.0 pack as the graphics are great quality but it needs to be what you are looking for. Just review the different product examples to get an idea of what is included in each package. Let us know how it goes.

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