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Which files to uppload to webbhost server?

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by ulfbergkvist, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. ulfbergkvist


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    Hi everybody

    I have created my first 3d ebook cover and want to upload the image/files to my webhost server, but I don´t know which files to upload?

    I have published the cover in folder dswmedia on my computer but there are a lot of files.

    Which file or files shall I upload to my webhosting server?

    Greateful for help.

    Ulf from Sweden (Sorry for my bad english)
  2. a¿ex

    a¿ex Staff Member

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    You must upload everything, which is inside the dswmedia folder to your webserver.

    Here's a list and a description of the purpose of the single files found in the dswmedia folder:

    - eCover_Module2.dcr and boxScripts.dcr
    ----------- these are the "core" engine files, sort of "the 3-D online application". These files are required

    - environmentSettings.xml
    ----------- this is the settings file, where things like autorotation on/off, shadows on/off, background color etc. are defined. almost all settings, which you define via the "tools" menu. This file is optional, if not present, the default values will be used.

    - localizationList.xml
    ---------- this is a file with strings used in the application. This file is optional, if not present the default strings (english) are used. You can use this file to provide a localized version of the tooltips and strings used by the application to your users (swedish perhaps ?)

    - Position_Presets.txt
    ---------- this file provides a list of the different camera view presets, which you can create via the "tool" menu, when you choose "New screenshot...". This file is optional, if not present the default views (Front, Back,Left,Right and Top) are used.

    - tlc_3D_modul.html
    --------- this is the html file, which embeds the web application. If you want to inline the web application into your web page use everything between including the <object></object> tag. This file is required, if you do not embed the web application (-> eCover_Module2.dcr ) in your existing html files. (hint: rename that file to index.html, so it will be the default html file in that directory)

    - folder w3dMedia
    ------------ in this folder are three files per 3-D object (you can publish more than one single 3-D object, if you publish into the same folder). one file for the geometrie with the extension .w3d, one for the icon .png and one for afdditional info .xml. all three files are required.

    - folder TempGraphics
    ----------- here are the custom images you used to map your 3-D object.
    These can be various and although not strictly reqquired for the application to run, you still want to have them there, because that is what you want after all :-)

    if you put the folder "dswmedia" on your webserver, it doesn't need to be named "dswmedia" any longer. This is only required if you want to test the publish result offline from your harddisk.


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