Where do I get my ideas for designs?

Discussion in 'Laughingbird's Blog' started by Mr Laughingbird, May 25, 2007.

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    Developing software is easy. Creating the actual content of the software is tough.
    Without good content, the software suffers.

    I've created each and every template found in The Logo Creator.

    I suppose I have a certain ... style to my images. Big bold and colorful. Lots of fat fonts.
    I need a new pair of eyes sometimes. A pair of eyes connected to a brain with a lighter, less bold of a touch. :D

    Where do I get the ideas for the logos?

    I was browsing my iTunes store today and found an image I thought looked very nice. It was a promo for the new CMT Comedy Stage (where you can download stand up performances from comedians).

    I wanted to see if I could design the same image in The Logo Creator. My rendition is found below.

    If you're interested in pulling this apart, I've attached the full .tlc file for you here. (Any of you using The Logo Creator, the Web Graphics Creator Art Center, or the Stationary ads in The Flash Ad Creator can simply choose "Open" from the FILE menu to view this .tlc file).

    I first brought in an image of the Microphone from PhotoObjects.net (if you have The Entertainment Edition, you can find this Microphone in the Elements section as well).

    I then found a few 'spot light beams' from the Entertainment Elements. I duplicated and rotated them to create the background rays.

    I created my text, and chose the 'More Text Effects' button and then chose the 'Cool 3D' effect for the text.

    Check out my final rendition below (The image on the Left is the Original image from iTunes).

    - Marc

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    Well Marc,

    I for one appreciate how much work you put into these designs.

    However, big fat, bold and bright are not always to everyones' taste, so a set of new eyes may be a refreshing change.

    Still it's an outstanding product range that seems to have a long marketing life. but still great value :image16-1:
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    Thanks Marc,

    I too appreciate the work you put into the designs. They are a great starting point and really speed up the process. :image28:

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