When you think your computer's harddrive has gone belly up...

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    Before spending big bucks trying to retrieve lost data try this...make the current drive the slave and install a new drive . Get a new OEM copy of your OS from where you get your drive (BIG SAVINGS). In most cases you will be able to access all your information and will be able to put it on your new drive....Choose to copy it...rather than move it.This will save you hours and hours of work and time reloading your programs.

    Thought I lost my drive ....black screen...with quite literally thousands of dollars worth of programming plus all my custom graphics done for clients while still having work to get out for new clients...(YES everything was backed up) but what a time saver it was to take less than 30 minutes to install the new hard drive, make the old drive a slave...and have all my programming and all my files.

    Now the big question is getting back my address book.....
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    Sometimes just unplugging the power to the drive and then turning your machine on and back off for a split second then reconnect the drive will cure the problem. Although this is temporary if it is on its way out.

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