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When I export I get a bunch of numbers

Discussion in 'The eCover Creator' started by 2rlspearman, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. 2rlspearman


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    Hello everyone and good day to you. I have been using 'logo creator' for sometime now and love it, I've been waiting for Ecover for maybe 2 years, finally got it, got the tutorial, followed it, but when I export all I get is a note pad kind of file full of numbers like this, 1 -768, no image....what am I doing wrong...thank you so much
    0,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    1,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    2,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    3,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    4,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    5,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    6,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    7,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    8,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    9,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    10,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    11,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    12,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    13,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    14,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    15,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    16,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    17,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    18,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    19,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    20,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    21,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    22,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    23,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
    24,0: 65535,65535,65535,65535
  2. Mr Laughingbird

    Mr Laughingbird Staff Member

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    Hi 2r.
    Thanks for the post.

    ... interesting.

    Make sure, when you export (by clicking on the little camera icon), that you actually type in an extension (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png ... etc).

    If you don't type an extention, the file (apperantly) will export as a .txt (Text) file.

    We created this export method to be flexible. Type in "My-eCover.Jpg" and you'll get a Jpeg image. Type in "My-eCover.Gif" and you'll get the file exported as a .Gif.

    Other supported files: PNG, BMP, TIFF, and .PSD (Photoshop, but not layered).

    Without typing in an extention, you'll get a .txt file.
    We're fixing this little glitch.

    Hope this helps some!

    - Marc
  3. 2rlspearman


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    :bighug: I haven't gone back to see if that's the problem, but I'm sure that's the problem...I saw some where in this forum that you had to save as .png or what ever , but I didn't think that I had to type it...thanks agian
  4. 2rlspearman


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    One Other Question

    :thankyou: When I do a front cover I use the dimensions in the tutorial I downloaded which are 419X512, but when I see the creation on the ecover it does not cover the entire box like I thought it would, atleast not per the dimensions...are the dimensions for the box larger than those in the tutorial..thanks for the reply
  5. 2rlspearman


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    ...thanks Marc, that's what the problem was, working now on how to get rid of the jagged edges, hope someone on the forum might have some answers
    p.s. No matter what any of these whinning individuals say about your software, it has a great deal of potential once all the kinks have been worked out, even as-is it's a very good piece of software and can only get better than great.

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