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    Template Monster and the related Site2you.com are ok but I find the templates a bit "busy".

    Take a look at two other sites with easy to modify templates:

    www.readywebsites.com and www.builderspot.com. The latter has the most comprehensive program that I've seen so far.

    If you want a simple to learn but very flexible wysiwyg program try the free trial of Web Studio 4 from www.webstudio.com.

    Logo Creator is a natural way to create new headers.

    Art Explosion Business Card Express is the best program of the many that I've tried.

    Print Shop 20 is recommended.

    My Type Artist creates artistic type instantly and can be used with Logo Creator.

    Do mailings or need to contact businesses? Info USA's Power Business software is updated quarterly and is the only program that I've seen that gives you the owner's name along with the business name, address, and phone number.

    Art Derfall
    and other sites in the works.
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    Hey Derfell!
    What a great list!

    I'll go and take a look at some of these.
    I'm creating a new "logo-compatible" store where I've hooked up with other vendors. They've offered discounts and special offers.

    The new store isn't ready yet, but the URL is

    I'd like to add some of these other products. I'll give some of these vendors a shout, see if we can hook up.

    Talk to you soon DF! :)

    - Marc
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    Color Schemer - another great product.

    Hi Marc,

    I almost forgot www.colorschemer.com. This program is a perfect complement to Logo Creator for the color challenged. They offer free downloads of two variations of their program. The slightly more expensive one ($50 I think) is worth it. The program is as addictive as Logo Creator.

    I'll keep you posted as I unearth new tools.


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