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Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by steveglenn, May 17, 2009.

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    hello everyone,thanks for having me & making me feel welcome.i'm new at this form of communication so please bear with me.i'll try & get better & understand the rules better as i go along this highway.i'm 55 years old,mwm who is trying desperately to get my cash flow notes business going.currently i drive a big truck for a small company in alabama.i've been there 61/2 years but we're struggling to get by as so many are these days.i have very little time i can call my own & while i go all over this country,it's doing the same thing over &'s getting harder to do my job so i spend as much free time as i have learning the note business & trying to get every thing that will make it & me successful.again i appreciate the warm welcome i received today & look forward to making new friends with all of you.till next time,thanks for having me.steve glenn :image28:
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    Hey Steve,

    Terribly sorry that your introduction was missed. Please accept my late welcome. Let us know how its going from time to time.

    On a side note. Curious how your cash flow notes are going? I own the cash flow notes system as well. I gave it a good shot. Got my own 800 number, business image, and mailed off hundreds of letters looking for leads to only land me with the debt of the package and postage stamps. Got so many letters back saying "Deceased" using all those addresses they try to sell you when you buy the package. I really hope you have a better game plan than I did when trying that system cause I flunked. I understood it well but could never find anyone to go for the exchange. I'd like to hear more if you have any to share..

    Again welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome Steve. Where a'bouts in Alabama? I am in Mobile.

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