Version 4.0? Where is v2 and v3?

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    The new Business Card Creator version 4.0 is out!

    This new version of The Business Card Creator can now be fully integrated with The Logo Creator version 6.6.

    A quick History of The Business Card Creator:

    Version 1.0 used an old (and now extinct) tool from Adobe called "Adobe Director". It was a great development tool for creating cross platform (Windows and Mac) software.

    Adobe stopped supporting this programming tool (for what reason I don't know).
    So, I was forced to re-program The Business Card Creator from the ground up.

    We decided to create it as an Add-on tool for The Logo Creator rather than a separate software product (as version 1.0 was).

    I decided to name it version 4.0 because internally, we went through 2 other programming tools before finalizing on the code that now runs The Business Card Creator.

    With this said, version 4.0 and version 1.0 are completely different animals.
    We will continue moving forward with version 4's technology.

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